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I'm passionate about speaking about mental health as a means of reducing stigma and decreasing barriers to wellness.


I have provided workshops and educational seminars to diverse audiences regarding strategies for mental wellness, including the following events and organizations:

  • Aspen Ideas Festival, 2017

  • University of Washington Conference: Mental Health & Self-Care for Social Work Practitioners, 2018

  • The #Reframe Conference: Inner Landscapes & Media Futures, 2019

  • MOHAI: A Celebration of South Asian Resilience, 2020

  • Various community organizations, including ICCW, Seattle Sikh Education Foundation, local school districts, and more

Past workshop topics have included:

  • the changing landscape of South Asian wellness

  • mental wellness in high school

  • creating strong family bonds

  • the science of temperament: introvert, extrovert, or ambivert and why it matters

  • stress, the brain, and the body - and tactics to overcome

I provide clinical consultation services for colleagues regarding South Asian mental health and wellness. Please click Contact Me below to request further information.

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