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I work with clients who are interested in moving beyond "functional" and far into "thriving." This describes you if you have started to feel recently like you've lost your sense of self, or your purpose. Perhaps you feel that you're just making it through the days, rather than enjoying your days. Or maybe you find that you experience a lack of satisfaction or a sense of uncertainty in most of your friendships and familial relationships. You might describe these relationships as perfectly fine, but upon further reflection, you might find that they're not bringing you joy, and you're not sure why. You might feel in general like you're living on the margins of your life, and although you believe things could be better - more satisfying, authentic, and open - you're not sure how to get there.


This is where individual counseling comes in.


We all experience challenges, including interpersonal conflict, grief and loss, job transitions, a search for meaning or purpose, and so much more. You may find yourself at this page because you feel there's something negative happening in your life, or maybe even that there's something wrong with you. While therapy can help to create positive change, my role as your therapist will also be to notice what's going right with you, and how to cultivate more of it.


I hope to develop a therapeutic relationship with you that will help allow you to live a more centered, authentic, and satisfying life.

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