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When you enter a relationship, you rarely assume that conflicts, negativity, misunderstandings, a loss of desire, or distance might become a part of that relationship. If things started out with hope, romance, and excitement, it's easy to envision it all staying that way forever.


But so much can often get in the way of the foundation of connection that was built. Intimacy issues, communication issues, conflict, parenting, financial difficulties, and lethargy with work or other life markers can all have an impact on the health of your partnership. I will work with you and your partner to create a safe space to explore what brought you two together, what has caused the recent distance between you, and how to overcome that distance.


In my previous roles, colleagues have described me as the person in the room who listens closely to the angst or arguments to cut through the complexity to the crux of the issues and find common ground - I would love to serve this role as your therapist. I use Gottman Couples Method in my work with couples.

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